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    Soooooooo here it is… the first new Silverman release in more than 10 years. An album planned for 2016.

    Intimate, articulate, explorations in emotion. Think Portishead. Think Low. Think Goldfrapp. Think Lana Del Ray.

    All broken beats. Close, confessional, deeply communicative. Laid back. Laid bare.

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      See what others say about Silverman


      Time Out“The star is Anna Dennis. Her clear, yearning Tori Amos voice, takes us, with every song, one step closer to heartbreak.” *****

      Rock Sound“A masterclass in spartan darkness.” *****

      The Fly“Anna Dennis caresses your ears with her voice before slipping her hand around your heart, massaging it until its beats match the music.” ****

      Dom Wills, Stud Brothers“These are “proper” songs, superbly written, beautifully performed and backed with cultured and soulful soundscapes that place Silverman alongside such contemporary greats as Low or Portishead. Listen and understand.” *****

      Collapsed under the weight of our own insecurity we walked away from each other 10 years ago.

      But as Dom Wills wrote: ‘Some music has to be made. It cannot be ignored, forgotten, pushed to the back of the mind and left to die where most dreams die. No matter what barriers oppose its creation, no matter how uncomfortable its birth, it will out.’

      And it’s true.

      Time passed and our other lives felt inadequate. The songs had no singer, the singer no songs. So we talked. Then we met. We recovered our strength. Then we went to Italy, to Lake Garda, to make a new record. And now we're here.

      Not for money, not for glory or escape. Just because some music has to be made.

      And heard.

      We don’t exist if you don’t hear us

      That’s why we're giving away a rare, very beautiful and very precious song.

      So if you like space. If you like less. Something a little leftfield. Something a lot gorgeous, then Silverman is a must have.

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      Load up that player… bliss out.

      Anna & Martin