Ladies and Gentleman We are Floating In Spotify

So the press coverage for ONNO was a complete wash out. Like… zero. WTF?

And to be honest it rather took the wind out of our sails. So sorry we’ve been a little subdued of late.

You know… you work hard on a record, heart and soul and then it’s… ignored. There are only so many times you can tell people how brilliant your new album is before it all gets a little tragic. We were kind of hoping others would step in and help us out a bit. Just shows what what we know.

And for all we don’t know, we do know this.

Spotify Playlists.

Play lists are a great way for people to discover our music and of course the more play lists we’re on the more people will hear us.

So screw the press. Go crazy.

Please add/create/recommend as many lists as possible including ONNO tracks.

Our future audience is relying on it.

Prefer something physical? You can get the CD here – we’ve a few box sets left too. Take a looooooook.



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