Ladies and Gentleman We are Floating In Spotify

So the press coverage for ONNO was a complete wash out. Like… zero. WTF?

And to be honest it rather took the wind out of our sails. So sorry we’ve been a little subdued of late.

You know… you work hard on a record, heart and soul and then it’s… ignored. There are only so many times you can tell people how brilliant your new album is before it all gets a little tragic. We were kind of hoping others would step in and help us out a bit. Just shows what what we know.

And for all we don’t know, we do know this.

Spotify Playlists.

Play lists are a great way for people to discover our music and of course the more play lists we’re on the more people will hear us.

So screw the press. Go crazy.

Please add/create/recommend as many lists as possible including ONNO tracks.

Our future audience is relying on it.

Prefer something physical? You can get the CD here – we’ve a few box sets left too. Take a looooooook.



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‘Three’ – Out Now

Three - Front   Three - Back 1

Funny old thing init… time?

You can waste it, keep it, spend it, lose it, make it, invest it, serve it… do pretty much anything with it.

We tend to take it. Rather a lot of it. About 17 of 18 years worth of it between where Archangel began and where ONNO finishes.

Still… we got there in the end.

Our legacy.

It’s called Three. Here it is.

Stand alone, signed and limited to ONLY 150 copies.

The complete 3 Silverman album back catalogue on CD with beautiful artwork again courtesy of Steve Moody.

EVERYTHING including all tracks in full Technicolor MP3… FREE

The perfect gift. The perfect addition to ONNO.

The magical debut Archangel. The mythical followup Star. The magnificent Speed of Life pt 2. Available together for the first time ever.


Archangel: Time is a Blade / Love Me Too / I Get Nervous / My Overflowing Ashtray Heart / How Cruel / All My Life / The Blue Tree / Gun At My Head / Black Rainbow

“Tori Amos taking pot shots from the Dead Kennedy’s grassy knoll,” Goose Grease

Star: Hit / Whatever Turns You On / Beautiful Brown Leather Gloves / You and Your Mouth / Taken With You / Magnificent / darling darling / Complicated

“If you like haunting, articulate, melodic vibes you’ll love Silverman. Pure alchemy.”Gary Gray

Speed of Life Pt 2: Ctrl Alt Del / Secret Baby / Don’t Leave This World Without Me / 11:11 / Can I Have My Heart Back Please? / Be Beautiful / Nothing I Say, Nothing I Do

“This is a Sundance winning tear-jerker of a record……..glorious all consuming passion.”Time Out

Time takes a cigarette…




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Positive? Doing Our Best.

When you talk with positive people it’s amazing how often positive things can happen. And it’s amazing where positive thinking can take you. Like doing something you’d never thought possible.

Things like this.

When you talk with negative people it’s amazing how often negative things can happen. And it’s tragic where negative thinking can take you. Like doing something you’d never thought possible.

Things like this.

Positive? Today?

Doing our best.

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Those 3 Free Bonus Tracks

A little more info on those 3 songs we’re giving away with the ONNO pre-order.

  1. Panda Panda (featuring HRH Queen Elizabeth II).  New adventures in Ableton Live. As un Silverman as Silverman could ever not sound like. Fascinating.
  2. Perspex – recorded at Magic Garden Studios with the super Gavin Monaghan and mixed by Alan (Sonic Syringe) Deacon. A long, winding, windswept and enchanting road.
  3. Cliché – Classic Silverman recorded across Paul Rylance’s Small World Studio in Box, Alan’s and Stevo’s (nice guitar work Steve). Featuring a guest appearance from Nottingham Girl’s School’s temporarily missing xylophone. Pure. Beautiful. ‘We get bruised we get laid on a course bound to fail….”

Soooo if you were thinking about grabbing a copy of ONNO. Do it. Get your copy of ONNO now and bag those extra songs.

Your good taste will be handsomely rewarded.




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divine divine

Hot off the press… they’re here…. the ONNO digipacks in all their gorgeous Technicolor glory. Here’s the lowdown.

Divine Divine.

In case you weren’t aware… pre-order finishes midnight Thursday.

Place your order before then and get 3 bonus tracks… free.

Get ONNO here.


Aaaaaannnnnd… don’t forget that lovely little surprise in the basket.

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Live Silverman Twitter Chat

So…………. let’s give this a whirl.

Day: Weds 8th (that’s this Wednesday)

Time: 8.30pm UK time

Venue: Twitter

Hashtag: #onno

Some of the questions that have already come our way…

  • Why make the record in Italy?
  • Why take such a long time getting round to it?
  • What does ONNO mean?
  • Europe – in or out?
  • Someone said something about back catalog – what’s all that about?

You ask the questions – we’ll do our best to answer.

What could possibly go wrong?


Forewarned is forearmed and all that… feel free to drop your Qs in the comments below.


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Without Love There Is No Freedom

Hugh Macleod is an artist. Interesting stuff. Thought provoking. He shared a piece recently called ‘Without Love There is No Freedom’. And he’s right. There is no freedom without love.

And it’s the love of countless people that’s given us the freedom to be able to make ONNO.

In this instance bass player/designer extraordinaire Steve Moody who’s these days based in Napier, New Zealand.

Steve’s our ‘go to’ visuals guy and the work he’s put together for ONNO is absolutely stunning.

A closely guarded secret until now, you’re the first to see it.

ONNO Sleeve 1

ONNO Sleeve 2

Just click on each image to see it burst into life.

He’s done loads more gorgeous work. Work that we’re not at liberty to share here at the moment.

You can though see it in your basket when you pre-order ONNO.

Grab a copy here before June 10th and we’ll give you 3 bonus track free.

Generous huh?

Love… and freedom.


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Rumours of Our Demise…

Many bands – desperate to give the impression that someone somewhere gives a **** about them – have claimed to be a hit on the Internet. Once upon a time… we were. We charted high and consistently at long dead wonder sites such as, ClickMusic and Besonic, we were also flown to Los Angeles to collect the Best Music Award at the first (and last) ever Internet Film & Music festival – handed our trophy by Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles.

Silverman - Playboy Mansions

Who’d ‘ave thought?

The first two albums Archangel and Star came out on with The Speed of Life Pt 2 released on Uglyman. Delicate, sensitive music that can only be made by delicate, sensitive people. Great times, great fun. But tough too. Too tough. Holding down jobs, covering the miles to gig, to record.

More energy and patience than we could sustain. Martin somehow lost the Speed of Life masters, and as a band we lost the plot not so long after it came out. Despite the formidable reviews, despite the kind words, it all got a bit much. We’d thrown everything at it. And at each other. We didn’t have anything left to give.

So in 2005, the morning after, though we say so ourselves, a majestic performance at Camel Rock Festival on St Martin’s in the Scilly Isles we walked away from each other.

Martin into China. Anna into her work.

Unfinished Business

But as time passed our other lives felt unfulfilled. Something was missing. The songs had no singer, the singer no songs. There was business unfinished.

So last year we talked. Then we met. We reconciled. Then we went to Italy, to Torri del Benaco on the shores of Lake Garda. The sun shone and we did what we do best – we made a beautiful new record. Classic Silverman – the words, the voice, the space like no-one else. Older for sure, wiser perhaps, but without doubt the best collection of songs we’ve ever put together.

Cursed with a deeply romantic belief in the power of music, yet somehow blessed with an ability to realise that belief, who knows where this adventure will take us? What we do know is that we’re incredibly proud of the album we’ve made.

When Dom Wills (anyone remember The Stud Brothers in the Melody Maker?) writes: Some music has to be made. It cannot be ignored, forgotten, pushed to the back of the mind and left to die where most dreams die. No matter what barriers oppose its creation, no matter how uncomfortable its birth, it will out.” – he’s 100% right.

When you get the chance to hear ONNO for yourself, you’ll surely agree.

Released on June 10th and available for pre-order here, do please share the good news.

The rumours of our demise…


Martin & Anna

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Silverman, Go Video, Album Pre-order – Click Here

Hi there, and thanks for dropping in on the new Silverman news section. Thought we’d kick things off by sharing the new video for ‘Go’ the lead track from Onno. Generous huh?

We took it to Italy as a great idea. Came back with a great song thanks to a bit of late night shamaning.

The video was created by the ever inspired Mark Watson of  an old friend of the band and amazing visuals guy. We’re really proud of it and already Clash Music have been kind enough to premiere it. Thanks Mark. Here’s to future collaborations.

In case you’d missed the giant banner at the top of the page… the album is now available on pre-order 🙂 Grab a copy here before June 10th and you’ll get 3 exclusive tracks thrown in + you won’t BELIEVE what we’ve got in store for you at the bottom of the basket (isn’t that how they do it?)……….. no really….. you’re welcome.

More news, reviews and stuff as it happens.

Come say hi in the comments below….

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