Those 3 Free Bonus Tracks

A little more info on those 3 songs we’re giving away with the ONNO pre-order.

  1. Panda Panda (featuring HRH Queen Elizabeth II).  New adventures in Ableton Live. As un Silverman as Silverman could ever not sound like. Fascinating.
  2. Perspex – recorded at Magic Garden Studios with the super Gavin Monaghan and mixed by Alan (Sonic Syringe) Deacon. A long, winding, windswept and enchanting road.
  3. Cliché – Classic Silverman recorded across Paul Rylance’s Small World Studio in Box, Alan’s and Stevo’s (nice guitar work Steve). Featuring a guest appearance from Nottingham Girl’s School’s temporarily missing xylophone. Pure. Beautiful. ‘We get bruised we get laid on a course bound to fail….”

Soooo if you were thinking about grabbing a copy of ONNO. Do it. Get your copy of ONNO now and bag those extra songs.

Your good taste will be handsomely rewarded.




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