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Funny old thing init… time?

You can waste it, keep it, spend it, lose it, make it, invest it, serve it… do pretty much anything with it.

We tend to take it. Rather a lot of it. About 17 of 18 years worth of it between where Archangel began and where ONNO finishes.

Still… we got there in the end.

Our legacy.

It’s called Three. Here it is.

Stand alone, signed and limited to ONLY 150 copies.

The complete 3 Silverman album back catalogue on CD with beautiful artwork again courtesy of Steve Moody.

EVERYTHING including all tracks in full Technicolor MP3… FREE

The perfect gift. The perfect addition to ONNO.

The magical debut Archangel. The mythical followup Star. The magnificent Speed of Life pt 2. Available together for the first time ever.


Archangel: Time is a Blade / Love Me Too / I Get Nervous / My Overflowing Ashtray Heart / How Cruel / All My Life / The Blue Tree / Gun At My Head / Black Rainbow

“Tori Amos taking pot shots from the Dead Kennedy’s grassy knoll,” Goose Grease

Star: Hit / Whatever Turns You On / Beautiful Brown Leather Gloves / You and Your Mouth / Taken With You / Magnificent / darling darling / Complicated

“If you like haunting, articulate, melodic vibes you’ll love Silverman. Pure alchemy.”Gary Gray

Speed of Life Pt 2: Ctrl Alt Del / Secret Baby / Don’t Leave This World Without Me / 11:11 / Can I Have My Heart Back Please? / Be Beautiful / Nothing I Say, Nothing I Do

“This is a Sundance winning tear-jerker of a record……..glorious all consuming passion.”Time Out

Time takes a cigarette…




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